Targets For A New Year.

Last year I set myself the target for the year to try to read more, aiming for a book a week. I have done better at getting the books read than I have of blogging about them after they have been completed (I still have about 10 or so to add to my blog).

I liked the encouragement that this particular aim gave me to read more, so I am going to keep that as my main target for 2014. I’m also going to add that I will aim to blog more often.

I would like to spend more time in personal development, and this has many aspects. For instance, I have a whole heap of books that I want to get read. Many of these involve developing skills which I would like to add to my armoury. For instance, I have a grasp of programming, but I would like to improve my skills, both in terms of the range of languages I know and the depth to which I  know them.

So, my aims for 2014:

  • Continue my target of reading a book a week and writing a blog about what I’ve read.
  • Improve my Python and Perl knowledge, and possibly try and confirm these skills by aiming to solve real world programming problems.
  • Learn something about Haskell (a functional programming language) and try and use it for real world problems, so that I can see how it differs from other languages.
  • Personal development in fields like time management, communication skills, project management.
  • Do personal appraisals and identify areas for improvement.

The biggest changes I hope people will see initially is how much I blog, and how much I read.