2013 Book Report 6 – First Among Sequels – Jasper Fforde.

I read the hardback edition of this book which I bought at a book signing it Cambridge. It is available through Amazon here, and it is now available on Kindle, and presumably on other ebook readers.

This is the fifth book in the ‘Thursday Next’ series. The story revolves around Thursday Next and her ability to jump into the narrative of books. Using other books as the backdrop to the adventures taking place is a great trick. It allows people to weave their own literary knowledge with the story at hand.

As another dimension in this story TN is teamed up in her literary detective work with the written versions of herself. Unfortunately the written versions include one pseudo Lara Croft alike and one hippy dippy type, both of which are similar to the real TN, but also dissimilar enough to make the three versions all dislike each other intensely.

I love the Thursday Next series, for their surreal writing, soaring imagination and literary insider jokes. I know at least one person who finds them irritating in their whimsy, and I can see what they mean, but each to their own. If you liked the previous Thursday Next books then this is going to be an enjoyable romp. I think it holds its own amongst its compatriots. It won’t win over anyone who didn’t like the others either, but then I don’t think you would expect it to.

I still plan to read the rest of the series (there are another two), but I think this level of surreal fun is best sampled in small aliquots.