Making ScrobbleThis work on Linux Mint.

I have been a long time user of I like the idea of social music, and I have regularly looked at making my iPod report my music listening to the site.

This process goes by the name of scrobbling (no, I don’t know why!), and there are a few methods of scrobbling listed on the Rockbox website, but I was particularly interested in finding a command line version of the same as I was thinking about having the scrobbling process run automatically when my iPod was connected (a subject for another day).

I found a simple Python script here:

The download is small, and installation the work of moments. However, it didn’t run straight away. I also needed to do the following:

1) Install the Python module for communicating with On my Mint box this was achieved using:

sudo aptitude install python-pylast

2) Running the command scrobblethis followed by the path to the scrobble log produced an error about a module not being found in the file A little google foo showed that some users with the same error message had fixed it by changing the import command in from:

import common


import st.common

In my case however the import already read:

import st.common

So I added another line

import common

which seemed to fix things.

3) The last stage was to modify the local configuration file to include my username and password for

Once these things were done the process of uploading the scrobble file was just a matter of the command:


One advantage of this script (over some of the online scrobblers I have tried) is that the log file is automatically deleted when the upload is complete.