Subjects, Thoughts and Targets.

It is now January 1st 2013, New Years Day, and I haven’t made any resolutions, but I have decided that I will try and blog regularly this year. The change of year boundary is, of course, completely arbitrary, but having a starting point isn’t a bad thing.

So, I am aiming to do a tiny bit of blog every day. After all, it is easier than it has ever been, I can blog from my phone, from work or home. And I am sure that I have things that I want to say, even if they are hurling words into a detached and uncaring void.

I don’t know what will be the main thrust of the blogging. I have a keen geek side, especially when it comes to Linux, and I will probably mine those interests regularly. I am interested in Politics, but find it difficult to think of or write about without ranting. I may well use that fact as a reason to largely avoid such subjects.

We will see where the muse takes me!

So far though, this is just my mark in the sand. Lets see if I can come back tomorrow and keep up my end of the bargain…