About Me.

One of the big questions of the digital age is how much we want to tell the world about ourselves. There are oodles of tools that allow you to share the minutiae of our lives. Twitter, Facebook and blog platforms. But then, when we find out that some governments are routinely hoovering up this data we hate the idea.

So what will I tell you. I’m a Dad, an IT person working for a UK based University and I love to read, to fiddle around with computers and spend time with my family. I set myself the very loose target of trying to read a book a week this year (2013), and I’m clearly not making it happen. Part of the problem is that I have a propensity for reading computing books as far as I need to, and not cover to cover. But I have tried to bulk up my stats with various fiction books. I am having a bit of a zombie phase at the moment, and you will probably see from the titles.

We have a dog who makes us laugh every day, even though she can be a bit of a nightmare given her propensity to grab things that you don’t want her to have, and to run out into the garden with it.

I’m in my mid-forties. I really like my job, and I wish it paid just a tiny bit more!


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