Blogging 101: A Good Reason To Drop Out.

It all started quite well. I signed up for the Blogging 101 and Writing 101 courses. I wasn’t the perfect student. Several of the assignments that I carried out I did so several days after the suggested day. And then I stopped writing at all.

A casual observer of my blogging habits in the past could have concluded that I had just ‘fallen off the wagon’ and stopped blogging because I had just not developed the habit or because the assignments hadn’t appealed to me.

But I did have a very good reason for my radio silence.

On the 20th of October 2014 M had a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage. The symptoms were a blinding headache which caused her so much pain that she was curled up on our bed sobbing.

This was the start of a very scary period in the lives of our family.  This included long periods of unconsciousness, two surgical procedures (the fitting of a ‘drain’ to relieve inter-cranial pressure and surgery to treat the aneurysm which had bled) and the beginnings of a complex recovery.

Not for the first time, I was very grateful to live close to an excellent hospital (Addenbrookes in Cambridge) which, as well as being the teaching hospital for Cambridge University, is also the regional center of excellence for Neurosurgery and Trauma.

During this time I did have a couple of goes at writing a blog entry. But the issue was too big, too complex to boil down to a simple blog entry, and at the same time I was also staying in contact with the many friends and family who wanted to follow M’s progress. Phonecalls, Facebook posts and Facebook Messenger entries all had to be made and, after that lot, I often felt drained emotionally, and unwilling to say anymore about the situation.

So how are things now? M came out of hospital a week ago. It is nice to have her home. And I think being in familiar surroundings is helping her recovery. Physically she is doing well. She tires easily, but this is expected. Her memory is mixed up. She can remember things that happened before her sudden illness, but she is finding it difficult to hold on to memories of events right now. I am sure these issues will improve as time passes.

I’m going to aim to make more blog entries from now on. I may go back to the 101 courses for ideas. But for the time being I have plenty to write about!


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