My First Book Club Meeting.

For someone who really likes to read, it is strange that I have never been to a book club before. Of course, it helps that this particular book club meets in lunch time at work.

There weren’t a lot of us, but that helped in not feeling overawed. It is a fact that working at a University (particularly this University) means it is easy to feel like you are a long way from being the smartest person in the room!

The book we were discussing was Regeneration by Pat Barker. It tells the tale of Siegfried Sassoon and his time in a hospital in Scotland during the First World War.

I found that the book was an excellent read. I hesitate to say that I enjoyed it. A story centring on men both physically and mentally scarred by their experiences feels like something I wouldn’t want to label as enjoyable. But the story was compelling. There was plenty to talk about too.

Lots of things to digest. The multiple meanings of the title, the nature of war and propaganda and what feels like a morally justifiable war.

I will add my thoughts on the book in another post, but I will definitely want to attend the book circle again.



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