2013 Book Report 23: American Gods – Neil Gaiman.

I read this book in a special ‘Author’s Cut’ edition. Available from:



The main protagonist, ‘Shadow’ is in prison, counting down the last few days of a prison sentence. He is called to the warder’s office to hear the news that his wife had died in a car accident, and that Shadow is to be released.

The story now takes on a mythic dimension. Shadow starts his journey home, but then meets up with a man who calls himself Wednesday. After learning the truth about the accident that killed his wife Shadow accepts a job as a henchman working for Shadow.

And so doing, Shadow becomes a lead character in a mythic tale which involves all the old gods who migrated to the Americas, but whose powers have waned as the number of believers decreased.

This is a big book, filled with big ideas about the nature of belief, and thoughts about a world where gods are real, amongst us and reliant on other’s belief in them to derive their powers. At the same time it manages to be a thrilling page turner which sometimes felt like a boys own adventure.

I will be looking out more Neil Gaiman in the future…


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