How Not To Write A Website.

One of the research groups where I work has asked me to update their website for them.

It seemed like a simple request at first, and then I looked at the code. It is awful. The code has styles defined in the tags themselves rather than in a single style sheet for the site. This means that if you find a style that needs tweaking then you need to modify it in each file in turn! Yuk!

Each sub-folder has its own style sheets too, which means that even if you find the killer edit which will fix the majority of their layout woes then the edit needs to be applied correctly 10 or more times!

Nothing is commented. Anywhere.

Oh, and it appears to use some fancy Javascript which breaks if you move the files to a different server.

I won’t mention which ‘design’ package might have been used to create this website, but many of these crimes seem pretty universal these sorts of programs.

It is so bad I would be tempted, had I the time, to rebuild the site from scratch by hand, with better coding standards. The whole thing would be so light, and easy to maintain. Maybe I’ll keep it as a project to help bring myself up to speed on HTML 5 some day.

Now, back to fixing things…


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