Running Out of Space on CyanogenMod Modded Samsung Galaxy SII.

I have an Android phone which I recently flashed so that it now runs the CyanogenMod version. In most ways this is a marvellous, though installing it was a bit fraught!

But in the last couple of weeks my lovely little phone has had a little indicator in the status bar saying it was running out of space. I really couldn’t understand why. The storage indicators showed that there was plenty of space.

A bit of research this evening indicated a quick fix:

Open the Terminal Emulator

Become 'super user' (type su return)

change directory to /data/log (cd /data/log)

rm *

This freed up a huge chunk of space which meant all of the apps that had stopped updating have been able to sort themselves out.


Kudos needs to go to the forum member rhlee at StackOverFlow. The post appears on the discussion here:

The majority of the discussion regards using the standard dialler to do a similar job to the above process, but this method doesn’t work on a CyanogenMod modded phone.


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