2013 Book Report 18: Safe House – Chris Ewan.

Read in the Kindle format, available here

A gripping espionage thriller set mainly on the Isle of Man. The story begins with Rob, the central character recovering from a bad motorcycle accident. He has only fleeting memories of what happened in the immediate aftermath of the crash, including the memory of a pretty young woman. However, the ambulance crew that rescued him have found no evidence of another person, and quickly write off his memory as false.

As he gets out of the hospital, Rob tries to piece together what has happened, going back to the house that he knows he had been at before the accident. Off the main road, and in a wood, the house appears abandoned, and the mystery deepens.

The story is taut and fast moving throughout. As characters are added into the mix it is difficult to know who might be telling the truth, and who might be lying. The information drip fed to the reader keeps them guessing as to who is to be believed and who should not be trusted.

As the book moves towards its conclusion, and as the story gets more frenetic the author manages to keep on top of the story, and it never gets confused or overwhelmed, and the ending is believable and understandable.

An extremely enjoyable read. I will certainly look to read more by Chris Ewan in the future.


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