Xfce4 – Wallpaper Switching.

This was a function which I lost when I switched from Crunchbang Linux to Mint Linux. Basically I had a cron job running which changed the desktop wallpaper to another random wallpaper from the list of available wallpapers.

Once a list of wallpapers has been created then a random wallpaper can be loaded by running the command:

/usr/bin/xfdesktop –reload

To make
this happen at regular intervals just add a line to the cron file:

*/5 * * * * export DISPLAY=:0.0 &&  /usr/bin/xfdesktop –reload > /dev/null>&1

This changes the wallpaper every five minutes.

The next thing to look at is automating pulling down wallpapers from something DeviantArt.

[Edit]: Had to update the crontab command as it wasn’t working without the ‘export DISPLAY’ bit.


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