2013 Book Report 1 – Moranthology by Caitlin Moran

I have decided to buckle down and try and get more reading done this year. My aim would be to read one book a week, and one week into the new year I have finished my first book.

Moranthology is a collection of various newspaper columns from Caitlin Moran. One of those books that you can pick up and absorb in little, bite-size pieces. The most recent equivalent for me are the various Charlie Brooker books.

Moran is a fascinating writer, home schooled, but gifted with a voracious appetite for reading and a wonderfully dynamic writing style. Each piece felt snappy, a little gobbet of words and ideas easily digested and savoured.

The majority of the articles are light hearted. In some ways this is in marked contrast to the previous book ‘How To Be A Woman’ which was a treatise on feminism in the late 20th and early 21st Centuries. Some of them are even laugh out loud, especially the supposed late night conversations between Moran and her husband. The very frivolity of much of the book strengthens and highlights those few articles that aren’t so frivolous.  One column talking of favoured holiday destinations quietly, achingly sadly mentions a miscarriage, almost as an aside. I can imagine the aside is as close as the writer can bear to get to such a sad moment, but its very light touch makes it somehow even more affecting for the reader.

One last point. This is a good book to read on a Kindle. Moran is often found dropping arcane terms into her articles. If I were reading a normal book I would probably plan to look the words up in a dictionary when I got home, but with a Kindle it was just a matter of moving the cursor to the word in question.  Who knew there was such a word as greige, a sort of drab grey beige!

In summary, I loved this book. Thank you Caitlin.


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