Cool Tree, and Lizzie Too.


Lizzie is at Summer Camp this week. One of the reasons that we chose this particular holiday activity is that the location is just a little walk off of the bus route I use to get to work which meant that with a bit of planning I could take Lizzie each day, dropping her off before walking into work, and then picking her up on the way home. This has worked out well, though the walk is a little further than little legs are really happy with, and takes a lot longer than I had expected! But in the evening we take what I call a short cut, but isn’t really. The Botanical Gardens lie between the summer camp and the bus stop. Normally there is a charge to go to the gardens, but as I work, in part, for the Plant Sciences department, I don’t have to pay. And the walk is a nice one, away from the roads. Lizzie particularly likes the tree pictured, so last night I took a picture. If you look closely you can even see Lizzie standing at the foot of it…


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