Another Crack About A Wet Drought…

I swear that if I hear many more people make wiseass comments about how this must be the wettest drought on record I will go mental!

I know that pointing out the irony of British weather is a part of our national make-up, and that the month since the introduction of a hosepipe ban is now officially the wettest April for more than 100 years. But please think back to the winter that has just finished. It has been ridiculously dry. The period when we would normally expect our rivers, reservoirs and aquifers to be replenished have been close to bone dry.  According to some flying enthusiasts who are based in Duxford there was no rain at all for the 25 days up till the 2nd of April, and January and February were very dry too.

Of course, people who live in or near Tewkesbury and Newbury, people facing flooding, are worried, but these people were not the people who had a hosepipe ban imposed upon them. Their rainfall was still low, but they had had some. Here in East Anglia we hadn’t, and the current crop of rain will disappear pretty darn quickly as soon as the rain abaits.

I would suggest that anyone who want to know ‘water management 101’ should get themselves a water butt and use it to keep their garden watered. Our water butts are currently full to capacity.  If it rains the water collected soaks away down the drain because there is no capacity to store it. But once this wet weather finishes I will be using the contents to water plants throughout the garden.  Our two water butts will run out of water pretty quickly when the weather turns warm again. And, it will of course.

There is an old witticism about the weather in Britain. If you don’t like it, wait 10 minutes. The chances are it will have changed by then.