The Cabin in The Woods.

As the last day of a mini-holiday, SWMBO and I took advantage of Lizzie staying with her Granny to be able to go and see a film which wouldn’t be considered child friendly.

The film of choice was ‘The Cabin in The Woods’. The adverts are on lots of the buses at the moment, and as Joss Wheedon had a hand in it I thought it would probably be good.

I really enjoyed this film. In the same way that Scream was a re-take on the slasher film, this was a re-working of the Friday the 13th type film. A group of kids (mostly pretty obnoxious, obviously) go to a ‘Cabin in the Woods’ (duh!) in order to relax, drink and have pre-marital sex.

The story bore a similarity to the season of  ‘Buffy’ where she ended up fighting Adam, the product of the government program ‘The Initiative’.  But it clearly had a bigger budget and much tighter story telling parameters. And for my money, although both the female leads were attractive, Sarah-Michelle Gellar as Buffy trumped both of ’em.

The first part of the film was pretty much standard of its genre, apart from the interstitial ‘The Initiative’ style bits, though weirdly, a lot of the ‘action’ was so dark that you really couldn’t tell what was happening. In the case of someone being sawn up this was probably a good thing!

The second half took place in glaring fluorescent light, and was both more gruesome and funnier.

When it comes around on the BT Vision box I will probably watch it again…


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