It Could Be Worse.

Following a link on Facebook I found out about this organisation:

(warning, when the page loads it starts playing music, like it is still about 1998. The player is on the right hand side, and can be paused).

Yep, it is what it says. An NGO that provides homoepathic medicine to Africans with HIV. Fortunately, they don’t suggest that homeopathy should replace proper drugs, as this statement on the site makes clear:

The results of homoeopathic treatment are outstanding.  It works in an integrative way with AIDS patients who are taking anti-retroviral drugs. With health and energy they can return to work, care for and school their children and contribute to their community.

The people who run the organisation are clearly intent on helping, and for that they should be applauded. But handing out placebos alongside real drugs and then claiming that they are helping seems dodgy to me.


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